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Our First Comic Review!

So this is a new thing we’re gonna start doing: bi-weekly blog posts about random happenings and what-nots in the world of comic books. Posts will range from reviews of series (today’s installment) to showcasing a company or creator. This week I will be reviewing Marvel’s Vision Vol.1 A Little Worse Than A Man by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, & Jordie Bellaire.

The trade was released this week and it is phenomenal. There are many reviews online saying this is the next Watchmen, and although I don’t fully agree with that statement I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this a fantastic book. Soon after the release of the first few issues of Vision, Tom King signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics and is currently writing Batman for them. King has written a lot of great stuff recently such as The Sheriff of Babylon and Omega Men. Hands down Vision is his best work to date. King does a fantastic job of taking one of the most unrelatable characters in comics (Vision, because he’s a freaking android) and makes you feel for him as if he were a member of your own family. The relationship between Vision, Virginia, Vin, & Viv is remarkable. Each character gets enough of the limelight to make you curious about where their unique storyline is going next. King takes a story about a socket lover with a day job and a family and makes it one of the most compelling comics out right now.

Gabriel Hernandez Walta is a god among men and his work on Vision is proof. Walta has some amazing back work with titles such as Magneto and The Thief of Always. His best work however lies within the pages of Vision. His line work is in his classic style, while Jordie Bellaire works her Eisner Award winning coloring magic. Walta does a fantastic job of showing emotion in an emotionless setting –  making you feel for Vin and Viv as they go through being students in a high school that clearly isn’t for them. I think Walta deserved an Eisner nomination this year for this series.

In conclusion, this series is a must read. The serious parts make you feel, the humor is spot on, and the plot is so perfectly paced it makes everything else you read seem too fast or slow. King, Walta, and Bellaire are making magic here. Read it.

– Jeremiah, Comic Book Manager @ SGR