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Marvel’s Biracial “Ultimate” Spider-Man Joins the Regular Marvel Universe

sm2015001-mock-140820Miles Morales, the lead character in Ultimate Spider-Man since Peter Parker died a few years ago, will now star in Spider-Man, a comic set in the main Marvel Universe after Secret Wars wraps up later this year.

The character is a fan-favorite, and even had a small group of fans rooting for him to be the new movie Spider-Man when Marvel reintroduces the character next year in Captain America: Civil War.

doctor-strange-top-140892With only a couple of weeks left before San Diego Comic Con, there are bound to be announcements almost daily. Yesterday was Miles, while today came the announcement that Doctor Strange #1 will feature writing by Jason Aaron (Thor) and art by X-Men star Chris Bachalo. We already knew a Doctor Strange series was coming up in advance of the 2017 movie, but we didn’t know when or who.