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I Have Issues #9 – Rachel Rising

Hola! So there is a pretty comic that recently came to an end called Rachel Rising. A 42 issues all done by the incredibly talented Terry Moore. I read the 1st  trade the other day and it absolutely fantastic . If you are a horror or mystery fan this is a must read.

Terry Moore first got into comics with his cult-classic series Strangers in Paradise (which is coming back!!) in the early 90s. Sticking to that series for almost 15 years with dabbling in work for the big 2 and some independents. He would start another series in 2008 called Echo which ran 30 issues. Once Echo ended we saw the launch of Rachel Rising and was an instant hit. In the early 2010s comic book properties were being bought up left and right as to not let the next Walking Dead slip through anyone’s fingers. Rachel Rising was one of those properties and has been in production hell since the rights were purchased.  That being said if it ever gets off the ground I can’t wait to see it. The story is so gripping and leaves you wanting more and more. A creepy feeling sets in when you see the black and white pages unfold in front of you. Without a doubt Terry outdid himself with this series.

If you woke up buried “alive”, what would you do? Would you seek out your loved ones for help? Or just go looking for who put you there? How would you feel if you made a pinky promise with your best friend to the afterlife and they hold you too it? All these questions and many more in Rachel Rising. Check it out