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I Have Issues #8 – Harrow County

Hey Guys and Gals! So to honor the month of October I’m gonna be reviewing some great horror series. The comic book industry is full of some great ones, painting the paths going way back to the 40s and 50s. Its kinda a traditional comic story to do horror if it isn’t superheroes, crime, or sci-fi. Harrow County from Dark Horse comics is what horror comics is all about. Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook have worked up a masterpiece with this series.

Now if you’ve come into the store and had a conversation with about superhero comics, and you’ve asked me what to avoid, most of the time you’ll hear me say the name Cullen Bunn. I’m not the biggest fan of Bunn and I’m not afraid of letting it be known. His superhero books rub me the wrong way so I was very hesitant to try Harrow County. After being told over and over to give it a try I finally did and I was blown away. Following the classic american gothic horror-esque of a rural witch in the 1st story arc, I was hooked. I didn’t want to believe it but I was. Bunn delivers in so many facets with this book between the storytelling and the characters. The twists and turns keep you coming back for more and Tyler Crook’s art is just the perfect match, but we’ll be getting there shortly.

So When I looked at Harrow County for the first time I saw Bunn’s name I immediately said ‘nope’ and that was the end of it. After being told over and over I finally opened it up and wow. Tyler Crook is amazing. His line work is fantastic but his watercolors. Holy crap his watercolors. Crook makes this book. Where it needs to be dark it’s just dark enough, and where it needs to be bright it shines. The creepy/spooky aspect of a series all hinges on the art really. Words can convey a great deal of fear and dread but its the images that bring it to life.  Crook’s work really speaks for itself.

Harrow County really is a must read for any horror fan. Witches, curses, and americana all a plenty in this series. A series with twists and turns a plenty, for any comic fan I suggest it.