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I Have Issues #6 – All Hail The King

Hello Guys and Gals! Now I’ve been holding off for months about writing a review for Valiant but I can’t any longer. This week we saw a milestone issue, X-O Manowar #50. The end of a era and the flagship title for the company. With more people on this issue than you can shake a stick at, I wanted to take a look at the series as a whole and what its meant to comics for the past 6 years.

In 2012 when Valiant came back the lead the march with Aric. A Visigoth from the 16th century who is abducted by aliens, fights to get free and back to earth, and when he finally does it ends up being 400 years later on earth. Imagine waking up tomorrow and it’s 400 years later? How would you react? The best part about X-O is to non Valiant readers he is super relatable. He is essentially Marvel’s big 3 wrapped into one. The Warrior within Thor, suit within Iron Man, and the man out of time within Captain America.  X-O Manowar has done something I’ve never seen in a series before. Robert Venditti takes a well know character (mostly well known, Like if you asked someone in the 90s to name a Valiant character, chances were that they would Say X-O closer to the top of that list) and made him in a whole new animal while maintaining his core story elements. Every story arc was on point. Introducing classic characters without missing a beat as they did the in the second story arch with Ninjak. Or introducing a team within Unity within his 5th arch. Venditti worked magic over the 56 issues (Including 0 issues and specials) that will go down one of the best runs not only in Valiant’s history but comic book history in general. Serious If you think I’m over selling this, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The cast of artist that worked on this series throughout its run is staggering. Cary Nord and Lee Garbett taking the helm and helping larch the series over the course of the first 4 story arcs. Diego Bernard would take up the next two arcs with a fantastic style introducing the Armor Hunters and now fan favorite GIN-GR. On top of fantastic interior artists, some of the variant cover artists were out of this world. Ribic, Kevic-Djurdjevic, Mann, Rev. Johnson, Rivera, Dodson, Lemire, Aja, Lozzi, Zircher, Crain, Sears, Henry, and the list goes on and on.
Valiant Entertainment is constantly putting out some of (if not) the best superhero comics out on the market today. On top of it all even if you don’t read X-O Manowar, you would respect the series. Although it is ending at #50 it doesn’t need to, they are choosing to. The numbers have been constant with the series throughout the series. Valiant ended the series on its own terms, sticking to their word from 4 years ago. When was the last time Marvel or DC kept their word from years ago? Seriously try Valiant. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.