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I Have Issues #5 – Civil War Sequel

Hey Guys and Gals! This week I’m gonna talk about Civil War II, Marvel’s summer event. Now today marks the (little over) halfway point and we have a had a doozy of an issue this week.

When this series was announced I saw it as a cash grab and it annoyed me a little bit. The 1st series was a close to perfect as it could have been and it is revered as one of the best Marvel stories in the past 20 years. So a sequel series just seemed like too much of a risk in my opinion. Also with the Captain America 3 movie named “Civil War” it is just good advertising to have a comic with the same name coming out soon after to keep momentum. The creative team for the original series was top notch (not to knock Bendis and Marquez, they are great and trust me we’ll get there). Millar and McNiven seemed to have been functioning like a well oiled machine and it really paid off with the original series. But let’s move on to the here and now with the new series.

David Marquez is amazing there is no doubting that. His pages are always thrilling and action packed. This series has proved he can pick up any title out there and make it better (well maybe not Thor because Dauterman). The way he draws Medusa is how I alway wanna see her, as well as his Karnak and She-hulk. The art is the real saving grace of this series that’s for sure. All the variant covers have been amazing, (I know that doesn’t really have anything to do with series itself but someone give Phil Noto and Michael Cho an award already!) and I can’t wait to see how the series progresses to see what Marquez gets to draw next.

Now for Bendis. Oh Brian Michael Bendis you beautiful bald bas…person you. What are you doing? Bendis has been Marvel’s “go to” writer for a very long time and when I heard he was writing this series I got a little excited to see what he would do with it. I mean Secret Invasion was amazing and this seemed to be shaping up that way. The start of this series saw new characters introduced as well as some classic characters killed off. With ***** dying right out the gate I was very excited to see where it was going go from there. But since the series has kinda turned into a bloodbath it’s more of a “Who’s going to die next?” as a “Is _____ going to die next?”. So far 3 major characters death’s have been seen and we’re only on issue 5 of 8. In issue #3 when **** was killed by ******* and then in issue #4 that character was acquitted for their actions felt so forced to me and was only written to keep that character around for a chance to kill that character. I’m being vague for reasons. But issue #5 we see another major character death and at this point the series is riding on the fact it kills a major character ever other issue. I expected more from you Bendis.

Let me be frank for a second, Civil War II is not Marvel’s “Crisis on infinite earths”. Killing major characters every other issue is much harder to be a surprising thing in this day and age with such advance solicitation that we know this characters will have a new series (or show up in a new series) very soon. On top of the quality of story, Marvel is once again dropping the ball with distribution of their summer series (Last year with Secret Wars) and I can physically see the readership dying off so if killing these characters is just a way to try and keep the readership then you need to take a new approach to your events.

I apologize about all the ‘inside baseball’ in this review but i feel as though it was needed to explain my feeling with this series. If you wanna come in and chat about it and let me know how you guys feel, that’d be awesome!

Any suggestions for reviews? You can email me at or hit us up on facebook and I’ll try and fit it in! And anything you can suggestions to make this better let us know!