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I have Issues #4 – When the Saints come marching in…

Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus I was super busy with the convention and other life stuff but we’re back! And we are back with a big one, today is the release of Saints: The Book of Blaise by Sean Lewis and Benjamin Mackey.

What do you get when you mix a fantastic playwright and a kick-ass artist at their first attempt at a comic book? An amazing series called Saints. Sean Lewis is already a successful playwright on his own but when he decided to team up with Ben Mackey, I’m sure he knew he was doing something special. Lewis does a fantastic job mixing elements of religion, humor, and violence. I can’t wait to see what Lewis does next with this medium.

Benjamin Mackey kills in this series. His art is a great breathe of fresh air to the comic book industry. Without a doubt one of the most unique styles we’ve seen in awhile. One thing about this series that really stands out to me is Mackey’s colors. With the way his line work is the colors just pop and capture you as you’re reading. Mackey’s also has been working on a tarot card set of Twin Peaks that should be available soon so you can own more of his art!

You ready for the best part of Saints: The Book of Blaise? Its got a $19.99 price point. The entire series, all nine issues, NINE ISSUES, all for 20 bucks. That’s insane. You should be legally obligated to buy it at that point. Seriously check out this series. You won’t be disappointed.

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