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I Have Issues #3: The Pale

Who doesn’t like a mystery? Especially one that leaves you dying to know where it’s going after the 1st issue. Sanders & Jay Fabares delivers with every page of this independently released comic.

Sanders Fabares does an amazing job writing this story. An old rundown town on the side of Route 66 always make a great setting for any kind of story but Sanders make it his own. When the everyday mundane routine comes to a crashing end after a body is found on the edge of town, things start to get interesting. One of the things that Sanders wrote that blows my mind is the character of Franklin. The dichotomy of this amazing ability and terrible disorder was written so damn well. We all put meaning in the minor things in life, this story takes a pebble and makes it something of note. I can’t to see where Sanders talks this story next.

Jay’s art really ties this story together. Primarily a cover and promotional artist for Valiant, Jay’s work is outstanding. Her attention to detail with this story is outstanding. When it comes to Franklin’s disorder, Jay takes Sanders story and brings it to life. Since the book is black and white it truly makes her line work shine. This series can only get better from here.

This book reads like it’s from a major independent such as BOOM! Or IDW. The story is compelling and leaves you wanting more and the art is perfect for this story. Be sure to pick up this book and support some independent comic creators. This series is what comics are all about: Fun, Compelling, and leaves you wanting more.


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