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I have Issues #4 – When the Saints come marching in…

Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus I was super busy with the convention and other life stuff but we’re back! And we are back with a big one, today is the release of Saints: The Book of Blaise by Sean Lewis and Benjamin Mackey. What do you get when you mix a fantastic playwright and […]

I Have Issues #3: The Pale

Who doesn’t like a mystery? Especially one that leaves you dying to know where it’s going after the 1st issue. Sanders & Jay Fabares delivers with every page of this independently released comic. Sanders Fabares does an amazing job writing this story. An old rundown town on the side of Route 66 always make a […]

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank

So this week’s installment is about the new series from Black Mask Studios by Matt Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank. This crime/humor four part mini series is a testament that comics aren’t always just superheroes and melancholy situations. Black Mask consistently puts out some of the best titles on the […]

Our First Comic Review!

So this is a new thing we’re gonna start doing: bi-weekly blog posts about random happenings and what-nots in the world of comic books. Posts will range from reviews of series (today’s installment) to showcasing a company or creator. This week I will be reviewing Marvel’s Vision Vol.1 A Little Worse Than A Man by […]

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