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4 Kids Walk Into a Bank

So this week’s installment is about the new series from Black Mask Studios by Matt Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank. This crime/humor four part mini series is a testament that comics aren’t always just superheroes and melancholy situations. Black Mask consistently puts out some of the best titles on the shelves right now.

Matt Rosenberg is easily one of the best up and coming writers in comics right now. His series We Can Never Go Home with Josh Hood and Patrick Kindlon saw much critical acclaim. Rosenberg rode that success onto the pages of both DC and Marvel with such titles as Black Canary, Quake, and Civil War: Kingpin. He returns to his roots with 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, a story about an amazing eleven year old girl and her group of friends that get in way over their heads. This storyline is one of Rosenberg’s best works to date.

Tyler Boss makes this series come to life with his visual portrayal of these characters. Boss brings his experience on Lazarus and Legend to the pages of 4 Kids. Hands down one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen in a comic was when during the 1st issue Boss had a two page spread that consisted of 48 panels. 48. Panels. On a two page spread. It was insane. His portrayal of the characters (whether it be in real life, D&D, or in a video game) is spot on. Each character clearly stands out, just as Rosenberg intended them to. Boss is definitely making a name for himself with this series.

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is definitely one of the best comics out right now. The four part series is halfway over as of last week’s release of #2. You don’t wanna miss this series. #1 just announced its 3rd printing. Be sure to go out and grab a copy.

PS: The cameo in issue #2 broke my brain. That is all.