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Arrow and The Flash to Get A Spinoff With Firestorm, Atom and These Three Heroes

A recently-announced spinoff of Arrow and The Flash was said to include three more characters who hadn’t been seen on television before…but who? Well, they still haven’t given fans any names, but casting calls that emerged last night give us a pretty clear idea of what kinds of character are going to join this kind of quasi-Justice League: […]

Futures End Finally Gives Superman The Respect We’ve Been Waiting For Since 2005

This week’s issue of The New 52: Futures End was great. The series has been really well-conceived and underrated, but there was a single story beat that stuck out at me in yesterday’s issue. Without going into too many spoilers (although the cover kind of does that for us), Superman is attempting something impossible, and the […]

What’s Secret Wars? Meanwhile… Has You Covered!

Meanwhile… is a webseries starring Syracuse-based actor Nathan Faudree (you might remember him from his Purple Man fan movie Killgrave). Marvel didn’t give him the Killgrave part (shame on them!), going with David Tennant instead, he does have a weekly series that goes inside the world of comics to tell people stuff they probably already thought […]

Marvel Comics Will End Its Universe In May For Secret Wars

Marvel Comics will end their current superhero universe at the start of their upcoming Secret Wars event. The series, announced during New York Comic Con, is a reprisal of the ’80s event story that saw, among other things, Spider-Man get his black costume. This time? The fallout will be a little bigger, as the Marvel Universe […]

Check Out the New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer!

If you were watching the NCAA title game tonight, you probably spotted the new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It aired about a half an hour ago, but if you didn’t get a chance to see it, Marvel has put it up online now. Check it out at the link below! The movie is […]

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